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  • Designed for:

    New application of performance fabric tech elevates chinos so you can live in them much more largely and actively outdoors.

  • Best for moderate temperatures:

    Ideal use in conditions from 5-20 degrees Celsius (40°F-70°F). A mid-weight face fabric is ideal for all around conditions.

  • Customer rating:

    “My new go to for day to day. Would absolutely recommend, can wear anytime, anywhere. Great for doing whatever I want.”

Why This Schoeller®

In this application Schoeller® 100 percent polyester stretch fabric is all about performance capabilities that don’t put on a show. Hike, boulder, climb, and come back looking sharp as ever. Stretchiness serves athletic freedom of movement and the look, because the pant keeps its tailored shape, silhouette.


Button on right back pocket only, old school security feature for carrying a wallet, de rigeur in dressy slacks. Hidden zippered stash pocket. Keeps valuable items secure and hidden.

Recyclable, Bluesign Approved & Bio Based

The garment is recyclable at end of life, it is also created out of 37% bio based material. It uses 40% less energy & releases 56% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional polyester material.


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