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  • Designed for:

    High aerobic activity on hot and humid days. Engineered fabric regulates temperature and moisture.

  • Best for hot temperatures:

    Ideal use in conditions from 15-30 degrees Celsius (60°F-85°F). A light-weight face fabric is ideal for high temperatures.

  • Customer Rating:

    "Lightweight and keeps you cool. Will be great for running this summer. Clean look and great in high temps."

Clean lines

The Cortes’ silhouette is accented by a laser cut and bonded hem, elevating the classic t-shirt through construction and raw material.

Temperature regulation

The Cortes is engineered to dissipate moisture,  keeping you cool and dry in the longest & hottest days summer.

Polartec Fabric

Made from Polartec fabric, it is scientifically engineered to work better day after day. And you can trust it feels and performs better every day of the summer.


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